Please note: Because of COVID-19 NO home grooming appointments possible. Salon appointments are possible, but cats will be groomed without owner present (cat can be delivered and picked up at the door).

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 Welcome on the website of Cat Pretty Cat Grooming Services!

My name is Saskia Heijboer and I’m a certificated pet groomer specialized in grooming cats. I completed my training at the Martin Gaus Academie in the spring of 2012, where I followed their professional Cat Grooming program for grooming cats without sedation. Earlier that my grooming salon “Cat Pretty” already had a flying start since I was one of the first cat grooming specialists in Amsterdam .

I am located in Amsterdam Zuidoost and I can help you keeping your cat healthy, happy and (if not too many mats …) looking good. I can take away painful mats and felted fur, in most cases by using a clipping machine. Mat prevention is also a big part of my work; brushing out old hair or remove part of the underwool from very dense coats.
Please note that it is not my policy to shave cats only because they are shedding. The cat’s fur is part of the body and has important functions. I only shave cats in case of mats (removal or prevention) or other (medical) conditions that will improve the well being of the cat by shaving. Do you have a fluffy longhaired cat with mats and tangles? Or “just an ordinary” breedless shorthair cat with a bad coat caused by illness, obesity or old age? Feel free to contact me for questions or to make an appointment.


You can send an email to info@catpretty.nl or use the contact-form. Phone number is 06 – 42368073, but please note that my phone often is in silent mode during grooming. Please leave a voice or text message or contact me via WhatsApp.

The grooming of the cat is done without sedation and can be done:

a) in my grooming salon in Amsterdam Zuidoost at Montfoorthof 133 (please note: salon visits by appointment only). Free parking, near A2, A9, A10 and Reigersbos station. PIN-payments possible.

b) within the service area, at your house. (25 cent allowance per kilometre from postal code 1106 JV, two way + parking in case of paid parking)

>> Option b) is not possible at the moment because of COVID-19.

Because of the many grooming requests I can only take in new clients within my service area.
Cats from outside these service area are welcome in my grooming salon (see also the ♦Tips below for other exclusive cat groomers (no dogs) in / around Amsterdam!).

I groom cats on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon and on Saturdays, next to my regular office job.

In case of cancellation: please let me know a.s.a.p. (so that I can try to help another cat instead) but 24 hours in advance at the latest. Thank you!

Not in your area? Maybe one of my colleagues is:

Tip for cat owners in AMSTERDAM ZUID area (and in/around HEM): there is a certified cat groomer in the Heemstedestraat: https://thecatbarber.nl/cat-grooming-salon-amsterdam/ She also works in HEM. (Her name is also Saskia so make sure you go to the right salon;  she (Cat Barber) in ZUID, and myself (Cat Pretty) in Zuidoost).

Tip for cat owners in Amsterdam CENTER, ZUID and ZAANSTAD: There is a good cat groomer once a month in the shop Cats & Things  (Jordaan area). She also has a cat grooming salon in Wormer.

Tip for cat owners in WEESP & DRIEMOND area: There are two cat groomers in this area: Katwijzer (she grooms at home in Weesp and surroundings) and PUUR (no house visits, only in grooming salon)

You can also look for the websites of cat groomers elsewhere in The Netherlands and Belgium here, or contact your vet.

On this website I like to give you more information about my cat grooming salon and about feline coat care in general.

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About myself and Cat Pretty
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About grooming cats
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About how I work
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About services and fees

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